Soterion, LLC - Ancient, Natural and Western Medicine provides interested persons with the choice of using natural medicines along with ancient and modern science to treat and prevent disease. We are a full Service Holistic health facility currently relocated to 508 Whiteaker Street, Cottage Grove, Oregon. Our primary focus in our new location is "Detox For Life" Providing treatments, access to information and a cornucopia of natural, safe choices for our community. The Clinic opened in 1999 as a Natural Place of Healing.  The facility gradually evolved as a "Woman's Place of Natural Healing" dedicated to Woman's health and fitness. It continues to evolve under the management of Lamech E. Donaldson who now directs it. Lamech grew up in a natural medicine household where holistic and integrative natural practices were demonstrated through his fathers knowledge of herbs and spiritual consciousness. Lamech pursued a career in technology while devoting his focus on understanding the subtle mysteries of life through independent research in many fields and disciplines. "Polymathic Jon" is a term he created for himself.


The opportunity arose to become involved in a Natural Medicine Clinic. Soterion is the resulting facility providing unique resource to the community by focusing on ancient, natural and western medicine disciplines of the west with that of the east, along with current technology and culturally diverse participants. We have evolved the scope of the clinic to include individuals who practice the healing arts and disciplines of China and India with the creation of a Cultural Exchange Program designed to bring Chen Taiji Quan, TCM, and Ayurvedic Medicine to Cottage Grove, under one roof. Along with the clinic, our Book will provide our mapping of a National Program to promote "The Soterion" approach of quantifiably improving health. This is part of our organized clinical paradigm to our community for health and fitness supplemented with herbal rejuvenation, which is integrated into a primary care solution via Detoxification and Naturopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and Ayurveda along with Chen Taiji for fitness.


We totally support the integration of health with fitness which includes the above disciplines along with Chen Taiji Quan. Our clinic facilitates the detoxification, healing and revitalization process for all of our patrons, with special focus on Climacteric (maturity) changes of women, men and the neglected in our community. Grand Master Chen Gui Zhen has assisted our program by contributing two forms (15 & 18 movements) in the art of Chen Style Taiji which is taught in the community as well as part of our companion book. One of our goals is to certify trainers in "Chen Taiji for Health" who will teach and promote these 2 forms developed for Climacteric Transitions - movements that will gradually but surely open new levels of circulation and balance which in turn promotes long term health and healing. 


Our model is truly at the cutting edge of Holistic Health and Fitness  (HHF) via our unique cross cultural participation.  Our natural medicines include prescriptions for powerful remedies that, in most cases, are directly available from nature. These remedies are not new or unusual. Some of them have been used daily by all of us since the dawn of time.  Today, however, they are the object of intensive scrutiny and are emerging as facts through scientific research in several continents as the most powerful remedies for the treatment and prevention of disease as well as promoting optimal health and quality of life.


Detoxification, Ayurvedic, Naturopathic, and Traditional Chinese Medicine have always served patients in this way and now we combine and exchange ideas under one roof at Soterion in Cottage Grove. Natural and simple remedies include:


       Breathing Pure Air

         Drinking Pure Water

       Practicing Exercise Daily

       Cultivating Appropriate Rest

       Using Appropriate Nutrition

       Detoxify and Cleanse Within

       Abstaining from Harmful Substances

       Cultivating Love, Joy, and Peace

       Cherishing Sunlight

       Trusting in the Divine

       Using Natural Medicinal Substances Judiciously


We are dedicated to reach out to the practitioners of China and India and integrate their lifestyles, art and skills into our very open and inviting communities. Our staff will provide exposure to not only their work and social environment but also to the academic environment via the interests of Local Colleges and other education facilities teaching Natural Living. Grand Master Chen will also integrate into our culture and community by working with patients using Qi healing (expert knowledge of energy manipulation using movement to promote healing for a specific ailment.

Our Foreign Nationals will also teach their traditional arts from their respective disciplines directly through interactive classes advertised as genuine, from the source, training and instruction in Ancient and Modern Ayurveda, TCM, and Detoxification.  One of our goals is being fulfilled through cooperation with an adept provider of information services and resources within the Cottage Grove Community and we look forward to eventually working with all our community's progressive providers.  CEU credit programs are also currently under construction. So, keep checking our website for announcements as we look forward to serving you.




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