Soterion, LLC

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Soterion Mean?

Our name, “Soterion,” is derived from a Greek word that can be translated as “Deliverer,” or “Healer” but, it literally means "SALVATION". Thus, we are an organization dedicated to Delivering Ancient, Natural, and Western Medicine, to provide Holistic Healing to all who enter through our doors and ultimately provide the path to salvation of body, health, and spirit.

What is Our Philosophy?

Health is a journey, not a destination. Health and disease are largely determined by habitual patterns of daily living. Health and disease are processes that involve the whole person. To a significant extent, one is the sole guarantor of one's own health. Empowerment of the individual is at the inception of the healing process.

Do We Accept All Patients?

Yes.  Fulfilling our dedication to care for the needs of our whole community, we accept men, women, and children as patients.  We are a family oriented clinic, with expanded services in Women's Health as well as Fitness through Taiji Quan from China.

What Are Our Physician Related Services?

  • Complete Holistic Health and Restoration, annual exams, women's improved health, heart disease, Thyroid, Type II diabetes, chronic disease, cancer, weight normalization, acute common illnesses, tension, migraines, injuries and accidents, food allergies, and decreased energy.

  • Consultation: duration: 45-60 min. Purpose: thoughtful exploration of patient's health concerns and medical history

  • Follow-up visits: 15-30 min. Purpose: evaluate and modify the individualized treatment plan to adapt it to the patient's progress

  • Pharmacy: selected Nutraceuticals: vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional supplements, in capsules, tablets, or liquid; botanicals: liquids, capsules, teas

  • Assessment: Physical examination, nutrition, movement, routine laboratory tests, functional laboratory tests, heavy metal toxicity

  • Individualized treatment: based on latest research, regularly updated and adjusted

  • Contraception: counseling regarding IUD's, cervical caps, diaphragms, fertility awareness, and birth control pills.

  • Prenatal services.

Do We Accept Insurance?

  • Yes, if we are on the patient's provider lists.

  • We accept cash, checks and credit cards otherwise

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