Soterion, LLC

 Our Areas of Expertise


Prevention of Disease

  • We Incorporate Ancient, Natural, and Western techniques in diagnostics, disease prevention and healing in a Holistic way.  Diet, Exercise, Healthy Lifestyle Choices, Healthy Mental Composure, and the Judicial use of natural supplements all contribute to overall health; thus, we employ multiple techniques to assure the most all encompassing treatment in the prevention and healing of disease. 


             We offer the most comprehensive assortments of natural detoxification methods while focusing on safe, non-toxic products and techniques. Detox is the catalyst to improve almost every health imbalance.       


  • Our staff has had much background and success in helping to heal individuals through healthy and complete nutritional advice and programs.


  • We Incorporate Eastern and Western techniques facilitating movement and energy flow.

  • Chen Taiji is the Eastern Art and ACE Certified trainers incorporate the Western Healing Arts.

Women's Health

  • Extensive experience in an OB-GYN integrated practice and proven resources for improving & restoring female health
  • Menopause naturally
  • Breast cancer

Botanical Medicine

  • Several years of clinical experience in the use of botanicals while utilizing centuries of herbal applications and conveyed knowledge


  • Unmatched clinical experience in the use of nutraceuticals as opposed to pharmaceuticals.


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